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Calling you

Calling you (Flavia C. da Silva) There is one thing I cannot explain I'm so in love with you I cannot miss It's as if I had already heard a hundred times And waited thousands of times more I cannot... Continue lendo →


My Ugly Side

My Ugly Side (Flavia C. da Silva) I watch you sleep So quiet and safe In your comfortable If I somehow Could sleep Probably not dream of anything See you breathe I hear everything about you But still like to... Continue lendo →


Undone (Flavia C. da Silva) I'm watching Amid the mountains And everything we had I'm torn in half There is no reason There is nothing to want No more love There's way more Take all the pictures that are stuck... Continue lendo →

Have it all

Have it all (Flavia C. da Silva) I want to have everything Happiness and love around me I always look for these things And they do not leave my head I want to run and get your hands And they... Continue lendo →


Feeling (Flavia C. da Silva) I feel The morning breeze The summer rain At the end of the day I feel all the joy There are in my heart I feel Smell the roses The heat of the sun Winter... Continue lendo →

His eyes

His eyes (Flavia C. da Silva) Your eyes tell me Much more than his words Your eyes do not see me For I am much more What your eyes can see Your eyes can not lie His eyes no longer... Continue lendo →

My Pages

My Pages (Flavia C. da Silva) My life is like a book Every step I take It is a line that is written Every moment of my life Good or bad It's a chapter that begins Some chapters are short... Continue lendo →


Detach (Flavia C. da Silva) I want to let go The past that haunts me That haunts my dreams Where I feel happy And when that agreement And I find that are just dreams I return to a reality Which... Continue lendo →


Write (Flavia C. da Silva) I write whatever comes Messed up my head But everything I write Makes sense Even being disconnected I write without order I do not like symmetry Because the feeling As much as one wants There... Continue lendo →


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